How Does The Jitterbug Phone Work

How Does The Jitterbug Phone WorkPRESS AND HOLD the Power/Lock Button on the right side of your phone to power it on. The phone has an additional screen to show time, alerts, and notifications. TUDIA DualShield Designed for Jitterbug Smart 3 Phone Case, [Merge] Shockproof Military Grade Heavy Duty Dual Layer Slim Tough Protection for Lively Jitterbug Smart 3 Phone Case - Matte Black. 99, full price) is one of the few, offering senior users a 5. Lively runs seasonal discounts on their phones, so be on the lookout when you shop!. Jitterbug Phone Review We scoured user reviews and put our knowledge of Jitterbug's parent company to work in this review. Jitterbug is a line of mobile phones thoughtfully made for seniors. Activating Your Jitterbug Before using your phone for the first time, it needs to be activated. These buttons can be locked to avoid lowering them and the instructions are on page 117 of the user guide. You can also add a health and safety package and get double the monthly minutes for the same monthly cost and free unlimited texting. You can buy a device onlineby visiting Lively’s website and